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La Canada, California

Bio: I was quite the tomboy growing up. And, though I'm quite the girly girl now, there is still a part of me that is tough and strong. I love the femine soft side of me but I love to put on my black slacks and white buttoned down shirt paired with suspenders and my black pin striped oxfords. I think a girl who can display her femininity yet show too that she can hang with the boys just the same has an element of "sexy" that not too many women have. Style comes from the inside out. Part of feeling confident comes from knowing how to pair things up and put together pieces that assentuates the shape of your body; but, if you don't have your own spin on the latest trends and you are always just copying an exact look, you will never own it and develop your own sense of style. I don't believe that you have to always look put together. Confidence is attractive; it's very sexy!

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